Improving Fish Exclusion from Water Diversions and Intakes

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Improving Fish Exclusion from Water Diversions and Intakes Deadline: 2019-05-06
Award: $75,000
Open to: US citizen or permanent resident 18+*

Fish exclusion is a way of preventing movement of fish into a water diversion or intake. Without a fish exclusion device or method, fish can be entrained into the diversion or intake which means that they are removed from their natural environment. This can result in the loss of native fishes and reduced operating capabilities of the involved infrastructure.

Opportunities to reduce entrainment at diversions and intakes will promote more sustainable and reliable water resource systems that can provide greater benefits for aquatic species and the public. While effective fish exclusion for some fish species and life history stages can be achieved, improvements are needed to increase fish protection efficiencies, target a wider range of fish species and sizes, and reduce construction, operation, and maintenance costs compared to conventional fish exclusion methods.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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