Improving hydration monitoring at Telfer

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Improving hydration monitoring at Telfer Deadline: 2019-05-28
Award: $10,000
Open to: Everyone*

How can we better assist personnel on site in staying hydrated or improve how we monitor hydration levels.

We are looking for solutions that address all, or some of these criteria:

Enable our workforce (regular and maintenance) to self-monitor hydration levels
Warning/notification system to individuals to enable them to take corrective actions
No to low disruption to regular tasks
Capture and aggregate data across the site to identify trends
Produce hydration readings rapidly when an incident occurs to eliminate dehydration and poor decision making as a factor.
Recognise and address on-site conditions (i.e. wearables must be comfortable for long durations, sweat and dust resistant; consumables must last in high heat, long distance to toilets, etc.)
Have a system that gives a clear indication of hydrated or dehydrated without room for interpretation.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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