Innovative Batteries for eVehicles

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Innovative Batteries for eVehicles Deadline: 2019-02-23
Award: €10,000,000
Open to: Everyone in an EU Member State*

The challenge is to develop a safe and sustainable battery for electric-vehicles through the development of new materials and chemistries making use of abundant, sustainable low cost materials, which are easily available in Europe.

Solutions are required to provide the same or better performance than vehicles with internal combustion engines and to be capable of recharging the electric vehicle within a time equivalent to fill a conventional gasoline/diesel fuel tank.

The prize will be awarded to the contestant(s) who in the opinion of the jury demonstrates a solution that best meets the following cumulative criteria:

- Provides high standards for safety, sustainability and recyclability
- Provides the same experience and user convenience, in terms of range and time required to recharge, as a conventional gasoline/diesel car
- Has whole-life costs (in terms of battery materials and its functionality) equivalent or better than gasoline/diesel car
- Demonstrates reliable power delivery without significant loss of performance for an economically acceptable life time (power delivery to be demonstrated for a life time higher than batteries currently available)
- Ensures that other performance criteria (car acceleration, safety, etc.) are maintained in comparison to a combustion engine powered vehicle
- Demonstrates a significant advance in new material technologies while avoiding dependence on import materials (e.g. expensive, rare, and unsustainable materials)

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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