Long-Range Analysis using Superior Spectral Optics (LASSO)

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Long-Range Analysis using Superior Spectral Optics (LASSO) Deadline: 2019-07-23
Award: $50,000
Open to: Everyone*

Optical nano-materials are a hot item in research today. It is the hopes of many to be able to state the properties needed and then predict and produce the material that will fit the application using nano-materials. Current optical nano-materials are fairly low in terms of current Technology Readiness Level (TRL estimated to be at the 2/3 approaching 4). The Seeker desires new materials that can be brought to higher TRL through improvements and maturation that can transmit in the 3-12 micron spectrum. The ultimate goal of this Challenge is to identify candidates and obtain samples (now and /or in the near future) that can meet the requirements and help bring those to higher TRL levels by partnering/supporting Solvers in their work. Note: Although we specifically mention optical nano-materials as a potential solution, it is not a requirement of this Challenge to use them. Solvers can use any new materials that meet the requirements; however, known, well established, window materials that are unmodified will not be considered a solution. (for example sapphire, diamond, ZnS, ZnSe)

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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