Mitigating the Environmental Impact of Large Photovoltaic Plants

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Mitigating the Environmental Impact of Large Photovoltaic Plants Deadline: 2019-05-28
Award: $10,000
Open to: Everyone*

Solar power is a renewable, alternative energy source that can be harnessed every day in all weather conditions; the number of operational PV power plants has grown rapidly worldwide. While the amount of power generated can exceed a gigawatt, PV plants require large tracts of land for panel installation resulting in ecological changes and other environmental issues such as desertification due to the presence of solar panels, concurrent use with respect to agriculture, reduction of flora and fauna, water contamination, water use for panel cleaning, etc.

Therefore, EGP is primarily interested in finding actions to mitigate the concurrent use of the land and that can generate a positive impact associated with a LARGE PV PLANT. These can be implemented in new and existing PV plants. Attention will also be given to proposals maximizing social benefits for local communities. The ultimate goal is to find disruptive ideas that can be developed on a global scale for a true epochal change in this energy sector.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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