Nature Contest

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Nature Contest Deadline: 2020-09-15
Award: $1,200
Open to: Everyone*

Category 1: Concept for Nature Gadget
Artists, Architects, engineers, sculptors, technologists, inventors, concept artists, product designers and all those people who observe nature uniquely in their own way- and who can visualize their imagination through sketches, models, drawings, 3D renders or in any other visual media, are invited to participate in this category. Design concepts should be thought-provoking, bold and inspired directly or indirectly from different processes of nature.

Category 2: Idea for Nature Policy
Researchers, writers, planners, policy-makers, environmentalists, activists, storytellers, poets, dreamers and all those people who have evolved their unique ideas to a point where they can write them down, are invited to participate in this category. Powerful ideas must be in some way related to nature. Ideas may be articulated in the form of an essay, fictional story, a poem or any other writing genre.

Category 3: Submission of Portfolio
Send in your CV and portfolio if you have worked on projects inspired from nature. For example, art exhibitions, design works, research articles, publications etc. All profiles will be uploaded on and shared all across our media partners.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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