New Materials for Padel Racquets

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New Materials for Padel Racquets Deadline: 2019-04-04
Award: $10,000 USD
Open to: Everyone*

A Padel racquet is typically composed of EVA foam with large holes for the hitting surface surrounded by a fiberglass or graphite frame. Unlike tennis racquets, Padel racquets cannot be ‘restrung’ when the EVA foam ages or is damaged and must be replaced in their entirety.

Padel racquets lose performance characteristics not only through use and repeated shocks from the ball striking the racquet but also from environmental factors such as heat and humidity. The Seeker is looking for a material to replace the EVA foam in a Padel racquet that provides similar play performance characteristics but has greater longevity.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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