Novel Applications for New Membrane Technology

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Novel Applications for New Membrane Technology Deadline: 2015-09-30
Award: €1,000

Strategic Allies is seeking novel applications for a new membrane material in these specific industrial sectors of interest: automotive, packaging, dosing.

The material innovation is a unique PTFE-based microporous membrane technology that is gas permeable and liquid tight with adjustable elasticity and/or 3D mouldable. The novelty of the material lies in its elasticity and conformability which enables it to overcome the constraints that limit existing materials with similar venting capabilities, in addition to facilitating completely new applications. Potential application areas may include (but are not limited to):-

- Pressure stabilisation / emergency outgassing
- Selective gas filtration
- Acoustic protection
- Sensor protection
- Fluid transfer
- Moisture removal / reducing condensation
- Reactive product packaging
- Closed system chemical dosing with gas release / entry
- Hot bottling
- Microfiltration / dynamic filtration
- Enabling technology for use with pneumatic, hydraulic & vacuum technologies

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