Novel Methods For Deep Hole Drilling

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Novel Methods For Deep Hole Drilling Deadline: 2020-01-17
Award: INR 3,00,000
Open to: Everyone*

Steel (0.06%C) billets are hot rolled into bars of 2 meters each. These rolled bars are then cut into specific lengths of ~2000mm and deep (blind) holes are drilled axially into these rolled bars (180mmx240mmx2000mm). Figure 1 shows the dimensions of the machined bar.

The tolerances of ±0.05mm needs to be maintained on the boring process. These deep holes (of Dia 30-50mm) are drilled to the length of 1700mm (overall length 2000mm) using a special purpose deep hole drilling machine.

It takes about 45 mins to complete the drilling process and additional 20 minutes to insert different (Circular bar) bar into the hole already drilled. The process is time-consuming, requires skilled labor.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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