Open Data Challenge for Public Transportation in Tokyo

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Open Data Challenge for Public Transportation in Tokyo Deadline: 2019-01-15
Award: ¥1,000,000
Open to: Everyone*

The Association for Open Data of Public Transportation has promoted the openness of public transportation data with an aim to make public transportation in "Tokyo," which is said to be the world's most complicated, easier for all people, including foreign visitors, people with disabilities, and elderly to navigate.

In addition to various data of public transportation in Greater Tokyo, the "2nd Open Data Challenge for Public Transportation in Tokyo" will publish the data prepared by Ministry of Land Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism on the intra-station map and its facilities of the train stations around Shinjuku station and Tokyo station. The contest is open to applications or ideas that support "Tokyo" anticipating the year 2020 when people of different nationalities, ages, occupations, and physical characteristics will visit there.

The contest calls for new applications and ideas using open data of public transportation and open data from other sources.
Applications include, but not limited to, smartphone apps, Web services, and IoT gadgets.

The submissions can be prototypes of apps and business plans aside from real working applications.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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