Outdoor Air Purifier

Outdoor Air Purifier Deadline: 2020-04-16
Award: $150,000 CAD
Open to: Canadian entities*

Many GAC employees have complained about exposure to cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes while waiting for the shuttle at 200 Promenade du Portage. In this same area, the smoke and fumes seep into the building through the doors. The exhaust fumes come from the bus stop nearby and from the cars and trucks passing on the road near the shuttle stop. Cigarette smoke comes from employees smoking outside of the building. The area in questions is outdoors, covered, and, mostly, walled in with very little natural light.

We would like to find an innovative solution that would act as an external air purifier. The solution would reduce air pollution and improve air quality around the shuttle and bus park areas. In addition, the solution would have the potential to be used in other areas with air quality issues at all GAC buildings in Canada and around the world. GAC has 13 buildings in Canada and more than 100 around the world. This innovation would see a comfortable and eco-friendly solution for employees.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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Outdoor Air Purifier
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