Power Forward Challenge

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Power Forward Challenge Deadline: 2019-03-15
Award: $5,000,000
Open to: Canadian and UK SMEs and universities*

We’re challenging Canadian and U.K. companies to design better power grids, connecting our nations to clean, user-friendly grids and helping to prevent power outages.

Disruptive technologies and new thinking are necessary to develop, maintain and maximize the potential of clean, robust and flexible power grids and energy systems, and innovation is the key to understanding and enabling electrical grids, looking ahead to 2030 and beyond.

With this in mind, we are asking firms to come together to build out end-to-end solutions to aggregate and manage networks of distributed energy resources effectively to support their integration to the grid and the provision of clean, flexible, reliable electricity.

Solutions will need to be disruptive, modular and scalable, interoperable, and demonstrate clear value to the end user and the grid. Teams will have to be international and bring together aggregators of distributed energy resources, as well as a variety of innovative software and hardware solutions.

Teams will have to decide whether their proposed project will be developed in Canada or in the UK. Based on this decision, there will be some instances in which different conditions apply

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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