Quick Removal Of Oil

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Quick Removal Of Oil Deadline: 2019-11-02
Award: INR 2,00,000
Open to: Everyone*

Machining of watch case blanks (configuration: round & shaped) is carried out to house various components of the Watch.

The machining operations are carried out on CNC Turning lathes & special purpose drilling machines. Neat Cutting oil is used as coolant while machining to prevent overheating of cutting tools and to ensure longer tool life. During production, an in-process inspection must be carried out at regular intervals to ensure Quality. In-process inspection is carried out by inspecting 5 units in every 100 units produced.

Pegasol is used as a cleaning solvent at each machining station/line to remove the oil from the machined components and facilitate for in-process inspection with the help of measuring instruments. The benefit of using Pegasol solvent is that the components dry quickly (<5>there is no residual oil film left behind on the component.

However, Pegasol has negative impacts of lower flammable point/flashpoint (-15 ?C) and comes under special government licensing. Also, prolonged usage or repeated exposure can cause damage to skin & organs. An alternate solution to Pegasol will eliminate significant Fire and health hazards.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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