Road Collision Innovation Challenge

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Road Collision Innovation Challenge Deadline: 2019-05-13
Award: £200,000
Open to: UK individuals and companies*

When a collision occurs on the network, this causes additional considerable strain on the surrounding infrastructure, and significant issues around increased pollution and congestion in our major conurbations. Financial impacts are an estimated economic loss of £1m every hour a motorway is closed, and an estimated cost of £2.6m to the public sector for every fatal collision.

The competition invites organisations from across the UK to bid for the opportunity to work with the Alliance Roads Policing Team and Exeter City Futures to develop an innovative solution to a problem that effects all Police Forces across England and Wales.
Once deployed and successfully operating within the initial city pilot, solutions have the potential to scale-up and deploy in other cities and towns across the UK and beyond.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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