Schindler Global Award Competition 2018/19

This contest is over.
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Schindler Global Award Competition 2018/19 Deadline: 2019-01-18
Award: $105,000
Open to: Architecture, landscape, urban design students*

The Schindler Global Award (SGA) will focus on the impact and implications of current and future mobility systems on urban development in one of the most globally significant cities - Mumbai.

As the second largest city in the world, Mumbai presents many challenges, offering participating students the chance to engage with spatial, social and strategic topics.

The challenge asks students to carefully consider how the city could use the development of the Eastern Waterfront of Mumbai to realize its full potential in the city and as an inspiring global example for ideas about sustainable, resource responsible cities.

It also asks students for ideas about how its development could engage stakeholders, and reconcile or balance top-down and bottom-up urban forces. Urban design and planning, as the spatial means for urban transformation, hold significant promise as agents of change.

The aim of the Schindler Global Award is to further promote the training of students in their discipline of study and thus the promotion of young architects, designers and planners.

Technical evaluation
To ensure that all competition entries are judged fairly and equally, projects submitted will first be considered in a formal, technical pre-selection process by the Schindler Global Award competition organization and checked for their completeness.

The judging
All Projects that pass the technical evaluation round will then be judged by the jury, which will select a minimum of three (3) and maximum of twelve (12) winners.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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