Secure and Confidential Rule Matching

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Secure and Confidential Rule Matching Deadline: 2020-03-26
Award: $150,000 CAD
Open to: Canadian entities*

The security and intelligence (S&I) community have access to sensitive cyber-threat information that is not always publicly shareable. Often, this sensitive information will be classified (at least for a period of time) and will only be available on a need-to-know basis to individuals who possess the appropriate security clearances.

For this particular challenge, CSE is scoping the effort on detecting patterns of interest in network traffic by encoding signatures expressed using matching rules.

This challenge is to evaluate those rules in insecure environments without revealing either the signatures themselves or the network traffic matching those signatures.

Such a system would allow the provisioning of classified cyber-security signatures in appliances that could be deployed in unclassified networks such as government or national critical infrastructure networks.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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