Seed-less Sheep

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Seed-less Sheep Deadline: 2018-11-05
Award: Up to $20,000
Open to: Everyone*

Did you know that little grass seeds cause the biggest problems for sheep and lamb farmers?

Grass seeds are caught by the sheep’s wool, moving into their skin and deeper into muscle, fat, and connective tissues. It’s known as Grass Seed Infestation (GSI) and causes a myriad of serious problems for farmers and processors. GSI severely lowers the quality of products and can even be lethal to animals. In the Australian market alone, GSI causes annual losses of 47.5 million Australian dollars.

Today, the only way to diagnose GSI is by visual and physical inspections which are inefficient and unreliable.

Xinova is seeking innovative solutions for this technology request that will reduce the effects and impact of Grass Seed Infestation (GSI) in sheep and lambs.

Successful solution considerations
● Technology already in existence
● Adoption capable in less than two years
● Addresses one of the following areas:
- Predictive real-time information systems
- Grass seed detection mechanisms

Why this solution is valuable
● Improve quality of wool, skins, and meat
● Cut market losses
● Prevent unnecessary animal suffering

Payments & Awards
● Ideas typically earn between $6,000 and $20,000 USD upon selection
● Recurring payments may be earned if the ideas are commercialized

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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