Seeds of Change Accelerator

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Seeds of Change Accelerator Deadline: 2019-05-31
Award: $50,000
Open to: Early stage food businesses*

The SEEDS of CHANGE brand was founded in 1989 with a revolutionary mission: to change the way we produce and eat food, from the ground up. Our Accelerator represents the next step of that mission, by supporting the next-generation of business transforming the way we eat.

We want to work with next-generation businesses that are making
a mark on the future of food in one or more of the following ways…

Sharing World Flavors
Bringing flavors, ingredients, and experiences from around the world to everyday consumers.

Plant Based Eating
Delivering plant-based products that address growing concerns over health, resources, and animal welfare.

Creating with Care
Feeding consumers’ appetite for artisanal products made with care and craftsmanship.

Easy-Meal Solutions
Embracing new formats and delivery methods that make buying, preparing, and enjoying food more seamlessly and convenient.

Responsible food
Tackling the issues we face head-on by ensuring a transparent supply chain and developing sustainable products.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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