Skyhive 2019 Skyscraper Challenge

Skyhive 2019 Skyscraper Challenge Deadline: 2019-05-07
Award: $6,000
Open to: Everyone*

The SKYHIVE 2019 Skyscraper Challenge is the second annual architecture competition which searches out the latest and greatest designs for an iconic high rise structure. Participants of the SKYHIVE Challenge are tasked with creating a concept for a state-of-the-art tower that breaks the norm.

The annual SKYHIVE Challenge is a platform to examine the relationship between skyscrapers and the natural world, the community, and the city as a whole. It is important that designs show consideration for the impact on the surrounding environment, as well as how the increase in inhabitants will affect the current infrastructure, pollution levels, economic division, and urban sprawl.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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Skyhive 2019 Skyscraper Challenge
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