Social and Economic Transition of Coal Miles

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Social and Economic Transition of Coal Miles Deadline: 2019-10-17
Award: $8,000
Open to: Everyone*

Mining operations at different mine sites may have variable lifespans based on multiple factors such as the supply of coal and the financial viability of extracting it. While the mine is operating and extracting coal jobs and economic benefits for the local communities are plentiful but once a mine ceases its mining operations there can be significant social and economic consequences. In addition, mining companies are typically required to maintain the mine site and the equipment at the site in working order and thus may incur significant costs after the mine closes. As a leading company in the energy sector, DTEK seeks to embrace novel ideas for transforming closed mine sites into engines of social and economic success in order to benefit local communities impacted by the closing of the mine, and to offset the cost of maintaining the site.

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