TKF Plastics Innovation Challenge 2019

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TKF Plastics Innovation Challenge 2019 Deadline: 2019-04-30
Award: $75,000
Open to: Everyone*

Marine plastic debris is an economic, environmental, human health and aesthetic catastrophe, posing a multi-dimensional challenge to humanity, often compared to climate change in terms of impact, breadth and complexity. A challenge of this magnitude often inspires a surge in the search for solutions from people of all backgrounds, from business and public sector, academia and research as well as the general public.

In order to accelerate the search for solutions, The Klosters Forum in partnership with Think Beyond Plastic Foundation are launching The TKF Plastics Innovation Challenge 2019 to engage innovators around the world in a solutions-oriented effort to stem the flow of plastics into our ocean.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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