Inside/Outside Innovation Summit 2017

Inside/Outside Innovation Summit 2017 Jun-19-17 to Jun-21-17
Lincoln, NE, USA

The Inside/Outside team is bringing together leaders in the world of startup-driven innovation. From startup founders to innovation executives to investors, the Inside/Outside Innovation Summit will offer a 3-day, hands-on experience to help you learn fast and grow faster.

- Engage first-hand with new startups, new technologies, new business models and new talent from around the world.
- Learn how to better compete in the changing landscape of disruption and emerging technologies with a front row seat to new innovation tools, techniques and trends.
- Grow through curated connections and collisions with industry experts, market leaders, and industry peers.

“Companies in every industry are looking to innovate faster and more effectively - inside and outside the organization. The Summit is a way to speed up these collisions and connections for both startups and corporates innovators.”


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