SEKTOR 3.0 FESTIVAL 2020 May-27-20 to May-28-20
Warsaw, Poland

Sektor 3.0 Festival is the largest innovation and technology conference in the CEE region, addressed to innovators, startups, NGOs and activists who seek to make a positive, social change with tech. The event is part of the broader Sektor 3.0 program, which was distinguished by the European Commission in the 2018 European Digital Skills Awards Contest for best practices in promoting digital inclusion in the civil society.

Join the debate on “Driving Change” - we’ll be talking about how technology can help us adapt to today’s changing world. Learn the latest in data analysis, skills of the future, cybersecurity, leadership, social media, education, critical thinking, artificial intelligence and others! 

About 1000 people come to the Festival each year. Our speakers include experts from Google, MIT, Intel, NASA, CNN, Microsoft, Seoul National University, Stanford University, European Parliament, Ministry of Digital Affairs, and other leading institutions.

This unique event brings together experts and innovators from all over the world. We’ve had the pleasure to host speakers from the United States, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Nigeria, UK, Germany, Sweden and many other countries. Last year alone, our speakers represented 15 countries.

Participation is free of charge. The two-day event features seminars and lectures, as well as practical workshops hosted by partnering companies and institutions throughout the capital of Poland. Technology showcase and trade fair are also a vibrant part of the Festival.

Not convinced? See how it went last year:

The full program of the 2020 edition will be announced in April.

Visit our website for more information, to meet our previous speakers, organising partners and get to know us better.

Contact us at if you have any questions.

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