Webit.Festival 2020

Webit.Festival 2020 Jun-17-20 to Jun-20-20
Valencia, Spain

Webit Festival is a lifetime and career-changing experience, celebrating business and professional connections. Webit is a one-of-its-kind B2B and B2G festival and tech fiesta.

For the past 12 years, Webit has boosted thousands of projects and companies, has helped build ecosystems, change cities and countries by bringing together the most innovative global leaders, investors, corporates and organizations.

Previewing a document before printing gives the opportunity to fix it if needed. In 2020 Webit gathers the world’s global leaders under the theme Preview the Future to fix and co-create the desirable future together. Future empowered by the UN’s SDGs and built on inclusion, resilience, responsible lifestyle and well-being for all!

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