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McKinsey & Company, Inc.

New Markets and Applications for Liquid Polymeric Material

Prize: $2,500
Contest Closed: Dec-30-14

The Challenge:

A client is seeking new markets and applications for its liquid polymeric material (odorless, colorless, non-toxic). The material can be applied as formulated liquid, additive, copolymer, or coating. The material has the following unique properties:

• Chemical inertness (no reaction with acids, bases, oxygen, oxidants, radiation)
• Broad working temperature -100 ~ 290°C
• Oil and water repellency (water-proof, protective agents, low surface energy <20mN/m, not mixing with water and oil)
• High gas permeability (breathability, gas carrier)
• Easy to clean (soil and stain release, anti-smudge, anti-stain)
• Non-flammable (no flashpoint, no auto-ignition point)
• Optical medium (UV transparency, low refractive index ~1.3)
• Electromagnetic transparency (from RF to gamma ray)
• Dielectric/insulator (Dielectric Strength 35-40 KV)
• Lubricity
• Possibility to have reactive functionality for integration into coatings/polymers/etc.

The client is looking for applications that might benefit from this material across all manufacturing industries and thus are potential new markets for the client.

You will need to supply the following information on your Entry Form:

1) End use industry of the application (e.g., medical protection and consumables).

2) Detailed description of the application and potential role of the materials (e.g., use the material to coat medical gowns to make them breathable, liquid repellent and virus/bacteria impermeable. Eliminates virus/bacteria adhesion. Can be used in medical protective gowns, masks, or similar products)

3) Information on incumbent materials in use in the application today, information on unmet market/customer needs which could trigger a switch to the clients material described above, cost of the incumbent materials (cost per kg, and volume/mass required for typical application)