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Novel Ideas for the International Promotion of Traditional Handmade Products of Apulia

Prize: $1,000
Contest Closed: Sep-11-15

The Challenge:

This contest aims at collecting innovative ideas for sustaining the international promotion and diffusion of the local handicraft traditional products and competencies typical of two main areas of the Apulia region (Italy), as the so called South-East of Bari Provence and Valle d'Itria. Specifically, their traditional know-how focuses upon the following main set of products, as terracotta, paper-mache, stone objects, and wicker baskets.

The proposed solutions must satisfy these main goals:

  1. preserve the whole heritage of traditional competencies and know-how above mentioned;

  2. combine these traditional competencies and know-how with novel and emerging technologies, in the attempt to make them contextualized to the actual consumers' needs and expectations;

  3. identify new markets and new strategies to spread it in the world;

  4. put the new generations in contact with these traditional competencies and know-how, hence stopping the abandonment of artisanal works.

    The contest is open to anyone over the age of 18.

    One prize of $1,000 USD will be awarded.