Core Services

IdeaConnection has four core services that enable companies, large and small, to tap into the talents of a global community of experts to solve problems, think creatively, and conduct research and development without needing to employ additional full time staff.

IdeaConnection's Four Core Services:

Problem Solving

Use these top-notch innovators to tackle your challenges:
  1. R&D Problem Solving
  2. Challenge Writing
  3. Grand Challenges
  4. Artificial Intelligence

Idea Generation

Looking for ideas? These three services are designed to launch creativity:
  1. IdeaRally®
  2. IdeaFlow®
  3. Ideation Contests


Engage our scouts and researchers to search the planet for you:
  1. Technology Scouting
  2. Prior Art Citation Search
  3. Executive Search
  4. Consultant Search

Innovation Portal

Create your own customized portal to attract technologies and ideas:
  1. Open Innovation Portal
  2. Portal Support

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