Crowdsell Your Invention

CrowdSell Your Invention

Use our CrowdSelling Network to find buyers for your invention.

Expose your invention to thousands of potential buyers by posting it on and engaging our CrowdSelling community. IdeaConnection has over a million visitors a year, 4,000+ visitors per day, but why stop there? Your invention will spread through our CrowdSelling network to reach thousands more potential buyers.

CrowdSell Your Invention $49.95
  • Notifying people who have signed up to CrowdSell
  • Listing on Website for two years
  • 1 time posting to 40,000+ Innovation Newsletter subscribers
  • Featured listing on Inventions for Sale page for at least 1 week
  • Link to your website (if applicable)

Crowdsell Your Invention Now
Please Note: we do not accept inventions for weapons

CrowdSellers interested in finding buyers for your invention contact you directly. You deal directly with the CrowdSellers interested in selling or finding a licensee for your invention, negotiating a commission you are comfortable with. IdeaConnection is not involved in the sale, and does not collect a percentage of the sale. Buyers can, of course, also contact you directly.

Each invention for sale is set up on its own page. You may include photos, drawings, .pdf files, a biography, a downloadable non-disclosure agreement. You can add to, delete and edit your submissions at any time.

Your listing will remain active for two years, unless you have sold it and removed the listing yourself.

Your invention will be displayed [HERE].