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Computer Vision for Law Enforcement

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Request #: 86452555
Computer vision technologies are playing key roles in law enforcement. The accurate detection and identification of events, for example, is an important capability for law enforcement officials. Application of video recognization and analytics systems include license plate recognition, red light monitoring, vehicle occupancy detection, speed enforcement, driver behavior and parking.

Status: Open | Published Date: 12/01/2014 | Due Date: 12/01/2014

Need Features

Applied Expertise:

  • Imaging
  • Sensing
  • Machine Vision
  • Controls
  • Signal processing
  • System modeling optimization
  • Human usability
  • Machine Learning

Potential Applications

Rapid analysis of large video databases: In some applications, very rapid analysis of large video data- bases can aid a critical life-or-death situation. ABC Widgets researchers' work in adaptive compression and compatible decompression methods have made it possible to efficiently search for vehicles in large video databases. When sufficient information is available about a law enforcement-related incident (e.g., vehicle description, plate number, color, etc.), a search can be conducted across large databases of video that have been acquired from highway, local road, traffic light, and stop sign monitoring, to track and find a suspect, missing person (Amber/Silver Alert situations).

Video-based Parking: The richness of information acquired with video cameras compared to other roadway sensors (e.g., magnetic or ultrasonic) can aid parking law enforcement applications. For example, computer vision can be used to detect short-term parking violations and parking boundary violations. It also can be used to provide information about parking space by detecting if an area on the street is occupied and then determining how much space remains available around the parked car.

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Point of Contact: John Smith

Organization: ABC Widget Company

Area of Interest: Communications Computer Hardware Process Control
Collaboration Type: Contract Research Contract Analysis and Testing Technology Licensing

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