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Following are some excerpts from Facilitators that are available to be part of your online collaborative problem solving innovation team

Facilitating groups to achieve successful solutions thoughout UK Government. I've worked with the Department for Business Innovation and Skills; Department for Children, Schools and Families; Government Office of the South East; Future Focus; United Kingdom Trade and Investment and the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

I was a semi finalist in the 2011 GMAC Met Fund's Ideas to Innovation Challenge

  1. Twenty years of academic research in the biological sciences.
  2. Ten years laboratory management, including accounting and safety management.
  3. Nine years university instruction, including six years of online/distance education.
  4. Four years of university administration, specifically course design and textbook committees.
  5. Four years of working with the publishing industry in textbook design.
  6. Two years of difficult dialogues training and workshops.
  7. Six months of Faculty Learning Community experience designed to enhance STEM education, paid for by an HMMI grant.

I have been the lead on many corporate projects as senior partner. I have also been the lead facilitator for Sun Microsystems (Ireland) on many projects that have brought varied companies together to obtain the desired result which i have to date always brought in on time.

  • 20+ years business & systems consulting to government, private, and non-profit organizations, in Canada and abroad.
  • Extensive experience in fields of justice, health, social services, finance, environment, land management, finance, energy, utilities, transportation, construction, engineering
  • Excellent communicator, facilitator, project manager. Professional, practicing mediator; face-to-face and online.
  • Blogger and author on collaborative best practices:
  • Expertise in application of Web-based collaboration and social media tools
  • Group facilitator (Accenture, Sierra Systems, Ziegler Consulting, Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO))
  • Project advisor (CESO on e-Governance project in the Philippines)
  • Mediator (civil/commercial disputes: BC Courts 2002-present, eBay 2003-2006, private practice)

  • Teaching Organizational Theory at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá (for over 20 years)
  • Teaching Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (including creative conflict resolution) at Universidad de los Andes for over 15 years
  • Vice President Human Resources at Bayer Andina for 3 years
  • Director of the BEO (Building Effective Organizations) Practice at Hay Group

  • Training in TRIZ creative problem solving methods, creative problem solving, and working with groups to encourage the creative process.
  • Strategic planning for organizations using TOPS, Faciliskills and/or other methods according to organizational needs.
  • Ten plus years of Facilitating planning, creativity, and effective meetings.
  • Ten plus years as a mediator in the commercial, private and community sector.
  • Ten plus years as a trainer in management soft skills.
  • Training intercultural communication skills and leading teams across cultures. I have a great deal of experience working in intercultural teams globally as well as in developing virtual teams to overcome barriers in intercultural misunderstanding and communication.

Fifteen years of experience facilitating and leading groups through planning, problem-solving and implementation. Extensive experience facilitating consensus decision-making, facilitating processes that foster creative thinking and full participation of every individual. I also teach Group Dynamics at George Brown College and I teach Creative Problem Solving at Sheridan College.

My training includes over 20 years of experience working in teams of scientists on Discovery projects. These teams consisted of many different personalities and expertise in different areas that needed to come together to solve issues to provide a path forward.

I have offered numerous webinars as a teaching/facilitating method since 2010. I have tested many different technology options to learn the best strategies available as well as how to trouble shoot and find fixes when glitches occur. It is important to be able to manage groups and make the facilitating seamless especially when technology does not cooperate.

I have led and facilitated innovation initiatives in a large number of organizations across the world including Honeywell, Apple, Microsoft, Perfetti, American Power Conversion, Cable & Wireless, Unilever, Manpower, Hero Honda, Hewlett Packard, Ranbaxy, Wipro, Glaxo SmithKline, Bayer, Mahindra Auto, Max New York Life, Areva, Bausch & Lomb and Pepsico.

10 years experience as a senior business analyst/mentor working with advanced technology companies and/or individuals seeking to commercialize their innovations. 5 years experience as a small business owner responsible for product development, marketing, sales, finance and production. Previous employers include VIATeC, NRC-IRAP & the Canadian Institute for Market Intelligence, Great Pacific Management.

Ten plus years of Facilitating planning, creativity, and effective meetings. Ten plus years as a mediator in the commercial, private and community sector.

For over thirteen years I have been a professional facilitator. I have worked with teams and communities of practice - I have worked in private, public and not for profit sectors and I have pursued learning and capability development in my profession with focus and commitment.

I have over 19 years Organizational effectiveness backgrounds across Asia-Pacific and with the experience to be among the very few Certified Professional Facilitators, IAF practicing in this Region.

I am an independent organisational development consultant who has over 10 years of hands-on facilitation experience - the first 4 years as an internal facilitator as the Director of Change Management of ACNielsen Asia Pacific (world's largest market research company).

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