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What is Equity Owl? Equity Own is a website that connects entrepreneurs with ideas to designers who can bring that idea to life in exchange for a piece of equity in the emerging companies. Entrepreneurs are able to post their idea as well as a percentage equity offered to a skilled worker who can bring their idea to life.
Equity Owl Everything is guarenteed through our universal Statement of work and Non disclosure which guarentee the transfer of equity in return for work done.

" Angel investing without money"

EXAMPLE: Post your app idea and offer 20% to any IOS programmer who programs it.

EXAMPLE 2: Post your unique product idea and offer ( insert number ) % equity to a engineer to develop it.

App and website designers as well as engineers, business majors ,and countless other skilled developers and workers are the angel investors, trading their skills, time, and work for equity.

BOTTOM LINE- Your idea gets created for free! You only pay percentage of equity to the designer

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I also have other ideas that I would like to bring to the market. The first one is, The Tooth paste Roller Dispenser, The Tire Rail Extension System, The Universal Sanitizing Door Cuff Opener, The Sw..
- Johnny Henry

I am Johnny I. Henry, an innovative creator of unique inventions. One of my inventions, the "Vibrating Toilet Seat," that debuted on the Jay Leno show in November 2008. This invention was going to h..
- Johnny Henry

Love this! Cant wait to see the dynamic after hundreds of ideas are posted!
- Michael Soebel