Innovation Articles

By Adele Peters

How to Unleash Creativity on the World's Biggest Problem, from Alphabet's Moonshot Division


A decade ago, what was then Google (now Alphabet) launched X as a factory for radical ideas—a place designed to create breakthrough technologies that solve enormous problems. The organization argues that solving the biggest global challenges requires something different than the standard, incremental corporate approach to innovation.

At a Growing Number of Coffee Shops, getting a Coffee to go means Checking out a Cup


Finally an innovative way to reduce coffee cup waste that is easy on the consumer. Vessel lets customers check out a mug for free, like a library book, and then drop it off at any other participating location where it is washed and returned to use. If you don't return it, you are charged $15 and you now own it. Berkeley, CA is the testing ground for this pilot project, and according to the company, coffee shops are lining up to sign up.