Innovation Articles

By Anji Velagana

How to Implement Moore’s Law in Oracle Exadata?


This article is very helpful for the readers to understand "How to implement Moore's Law in Oracle Exadata?" Nowadays, experts believe that within ten years Moore's law will likely to collapse. It is because of the limitations in the eventual materials. This means that as the size of the transistor reaches to atomic levels from the shrinkage, then the transistor can only be tiny.

The Contrast between Business Analyst and Data Analyst


Most of the people assume that both business analyst and data analyst are the same, of course in most of the cases it is true. In small organizations, these two can support each other and can be overlap according to the circumstance need. Whereas in bigger organizations business analyst and data analyst have different roles to play. This article is very helpful for the viewers to look through the differences between business analyst and data analyst.

How does Automation Continue to be Game-Changer?


This article is about How automation continues to be a game-changer. At present, many of the industries are mainly depending on automation. Repeated actions can be replaced with automation. This article helps the readers to understand in which way the automation is useful for the human.