Innovation Articles

By Doug Collins

All Disruption is Innovative; Not all Innovation is Disruptive


The theory of disruptive innovation applies in some circumstances but not others. In mastering the theory, we master the practice. In mastering the practice, we learn how to connect strategy with tactics. The risk of indulging in dogma around theory exists, always. The risk of being rudderless—a death sentence in the Digital Age for firms—is far greater, however.

The World Is Not Enough: Innovation, Quality, Safety, and Sustainability


We seek in our organizations transformation. We aspire to become more agile. We want to be able to change more readily and rapidly than the Digital Age demands. If we stay ahead of the curve, then we control our own destiny.

Incubator Nation: The Rise of Immersive Collaborative Innovation


Of late, I have observed amongst the enterprise clients an emerging trend that appears to be moving to dominance: externally focused incubation. By externally focused incubation, I mean the practice by which the enterprise partners with a third party in order to co-locate their employees in a space where they can collaborate with people not directly tied to the enterprise—members of start-ups, often—who are pursuing ideas in allied fields: an immersive, in-person experience for all involved.

Challenge Question Formation for Crowdsourcing


Organizations that pursue the inquiry-led form of collaborative innovation often have an outcome in mind. They may seek the “low-hanging fruit” of immediately actionable ideas. They may seek ideas that help to re-envision the business.

Applying Collaborative Innovation to Design Thinking,


Make Room for Collaborative Innovation

The best design typically solves a problem, to be innovative in design first you must ask a question, and then the design will be your answer. 

There are so many outlets for collaborative innovation in our modernized society. We are actually over saturated with new ideas and directions occasionally it becomes difficult to wrangle in and get to the solid bottom line creativity. Like i stated before, to land on a great design you first need to sort through various streams of thought and land in position where you are asking the “right” questions.

Doug Collins writes his observations on Applying Collaborative Innovation to Design Thinking,and shares his thought on hitting the right mark when utilizing collaborative ideas.