Innovation Articles

By Drew Boyd

Innovation Inside the Box: A Systematic Approach to Link Innovation and Marketing Strategy


The thesis of this talk is that Creativity is a skill, not a gift. This practical advice starts with a promise from Boyd: “I’m going to teach you how to use your brain to innovate anyway you want.”

Decluttering Innovation


People need time to innovate, but corporations tend to "tax" employees with time-wasting bureaucracy. As reported in The Economist, clutter is taking a toll on both morale and productivity.

Innovation Sighting: Music That Morphs Using Attribute Dependency


The Attribute Dependency Technique tends to produce innovations that are smart. They seemingly know when to adjust or change in response to a change in something else. It is one of five techniques of the SIT innovation method, and it accounts for a majority of new product innovations.

Innovation and the Base Rate


Understanding the base rate with a product's performance can lead to hidden insights and opportunities.