Innovation Articles

By Edward Frauenheim

Technology Wave Drives the Screen Content Explosion


Earlier this year Steven Spielberg and George Lucas predicted the collapse of most megabudget movies and the end of Hollywood as we know it. What gets less attention, though, is HOW motion picture production is being turned upside down. More than a million screens are coming to worldwide consumers each day. Film and content producers are using all electronic production tools; they are producing and distributing internationally; the content is built to be played on phones/tablets, DVD’s, on TV screens, and in theaters - - - all in numerous languages. The shift to a new paradigm is more momentous than is generally recognized. And it is setting the stage for a new, decentralized cast of characters, companies and investors that will “make it big” in what might be called the era of the “screen-buster.” One firm is leading the way in this content explosion, the Ford Movie Group. It is producing quality films and content employing virtually all of the new capabilities. It has demonstrated the effectiveness of the new techniques with 7 films in various stages of production.