Innovation Articles

By Emily Moorhead

6 Ways to Encourage Young Inventors


Children’s minds are very active and imaginative, so it makes sense that they might have a natural knack for creating things.

Intellectual Property: Patents, Copyright, and Trademarks, Oh My!


Your invention idea is your intellectual property and it’s important to research and understand the different types of protection available.

How to Find an InventHelp Office Near You


If you’re ready to visit an InventHelp office, you’ll be happy to know we have offices conveniently close to you!

Inventors: Avoid These 6 Common Mistakes!


When you’re getting started with your invention idea, the road ahead can be murky. Follow this advice you’ll be off to a great start on your invention journey!

6 Things Companies Look for in a New Invention


Companies are very selective when adding new products to their lines. Find out what kind of characteristics they are looking for.

To Get Inspired, Think Like a Child


Inventors can draw inspiration from children and be motivated by play, curiosity, and fearlessness.

3 New Year’s Resolutions to Help with Your Invention Idea


As an inventor, your New Year’s Resolutions should include your invention. Check out these 3 goals we recommend for making the best of 2017.

The Stories Behind 7 Holiday Inventions and Traditions


As you finish up your shopping, put cookies out for Santa, and straighten the star at the top of your tree, remember these holiday traditions and how they got started.

7 Signs You're an Inventor


Inventors have certain traits and habits that set them apart from the majority of people and inspire them to come up with their creations.

7 Best New Products and Inventions of 2016


New products and Inventions that make our world better, smarter, more convenient, and more entertaining dominated the invention space for 2016.

8 Characteristics of Accomplished Inventors


Regardless of your definition of accomplishment, there are, many common characteristics shared by accomplished inventors.

9 Ways to Help Be Innovative When You’re Not Feeling Creative


Get your brain back in check so you can do what inventors do best – thinking of new ideas!

First Steps to Take When You Have an Invention Idea


If you’re ready to take action on your idea, read on to learn the first steps to take after an invention idea comes to mind.

Why Inventors Should Consider Crowdfunding


Inventors should consider crowdfunding because they can try and gather funds, find supporters, and market their invention.

4 InventHelp Store Products Perfect for Fall


When the temperature starts dropping and you’re in need of some new products perfect for fall, look no further than the InventHelp Store.

5 Inventions that Changed the World of Baking


As you are baking tasty treats, thank the inventors who created these baking inventions.

3 Inventions Named After their Creators


In the world of inventions, it is very common for inventors to name their creations after themselves. What better way to claim ownership of something than by naming it after yourself?

How to Contact Potential Investors for Your Invention Idea


Seeking out investors is a feasible path for some inventors to take, but you have to make sure you follow protocol when reaching out to potential investors.

Travel Tips for Inventors and Entrepreneurs


To maximize your productivity and enjoyment during a work trip, do all you can to take the stress out of traveling. Check out these travel tips.

E-Commerce vs. Traditional Commerce


There are advantages & disadvantages of both traditional and e-commerce. Learn what makes each type beneficial to different products & businesses.

Going Global: Advice for International Business


Typically, some sort of international business is involved in the invention process, so be aware of different customs so you can make a great impression.

5 Business Tips Every Inventor Must Know


Treating your idea like a business is a great way to help you plan for the future. Use these business tips when developing your idea to see the big picture.

Understanding Different Kinds of Prototypes


Creating a prototype is a necessary part of developing an invention. Prototypes sound complicated, but they don’t have to be. Check out our list of different kinds of prototypes.

Social Media Tools to Help You Promote Your Invention


Social media is a huge part of marketing your invention. Check out these tools that can help make social media easier and more convenient.

Tips for Building a Business Website on a Budget


A quality website is an essential tool for any budding business. And building a website doesn't have to be expensive if you follow these money-saving tips.

6 Myths about Starting a Business


As an entrepreneur you get to take on the role of being the "boss." Here are common myths to watch for and the truths behind them when starting a business.

5 Essential Networking Tips for Invention Trade Shows


Invention trade shows provide chances to network with professionals, companies, and inventors. These networking tips can help you make the most of them.

Contract Manufacturing Tips to Help You Create Your Invention Idea - See more at:


If you want to take your invention to market, contract manufacturing is a great alternative to licensing or producing your own product. Learn what contract manufacturing is, who might benefit from it, and some tips if you decide to go that route.

What Goes into the Perfect Elevator Pitch?


Prepare the perfect elevator pitch now, so when someone inquires about your invention, you can impress them with your knowledge and eloquence.

How Hiring a Contract Manufacturer Can Bring Your Invention Idea to Life


Are you an entrepreneur with an idea you'd like to bring to market? Hiring a contract manufacturer can be a great way to turn your invention into a reality.

Judging a Book by Its Cover: Packaging Design


What is the role of product packaging and how does its proper use assist in marketing new products?

HELP! How Do I Get a Product Licensed?


It takes hard work and dedication to license a product, but there are many resources available to research the best way to package and pitch your invention.

6 Steps for Using Social Media to Promote Your Invention Idea


In this age of technology and social media, you should have social media profiles to promote your invention idea. Check out these helpful social media tips.

5 Reasons You Need to Attend Invention Trade Shows


Attending invention trade shows is immensely helpful whether you are an inventor or business representative who is interested in licensing a new invention.

4 Invention Tips from Famous 20th Century Inventors


From automobile assembly lines to the first airplane flight, the great innovations of the 1900s can inspire modern inventors. We share some invention tips.

7 Invention Trends to Follow in 2015


It can be difficult to identify new fads before they become old news. Read the technology section of newspapers, set a Google alert for “invention” and “innovation,” and pay attention to what opinion leaders are saying. By using these tactics, we’ve identified some of the innovation trends for 2015.