Innovation Articles

By Evan Shellshear

Crowdsourcing, Share Risk To Increase The Gain


Successful crowdsourcing is difficult and fraught with problems. To engage a crowd usually requires one to appeal to some­thing else in people other than their desire to earn money. Even when offering compensation, surprisingly, people will often rather volunteer their time than accept a small payment to help others.

Game-changing Innovations are Right in Front of You, So Why Don’t You See Them?


Your greatest innovation opportunity may be right in front of you. The problem is you don’t see it. Every day for the last decade of your life this problem has annoyed and frustrated you. Its solution is worth billions of dollars and would open up a totally new market. The problem is, like the millions of other people who have this problem, you don’t think of it as a problem anymore. You’ve been desensitized. You’ve lost your ability to innovate because of something called habituation.