Innovation Articles

By Kali Kubatka

Find InventHelp Client Inventions Online at The InventHelp Store


Inventhelp's eCommerce site gives you the ability to look for new devices, gadgets and tools to solve everyday problems.

How to Pack and Ship Your Prototype to Companies


When shipping your prototype to companies, you might want to think twice before packing it up and sending it along its way.

Trade Show Travel 101: How to Get Your Booth to the Show


Check out these tips to help you with a smooth process to get your trade show booth from here to there.

Innovative Inventions Made Out of Silicone


These flexible silicone products are perfect for your next house party or cookout to entertain your guests!

The Must Know Basics for a Marketing Plan


Every marketing plan has a few factors that need to be thought out when implementing marketing for your invention or business.

Innovative Charity Apps and Products that Give Back


Not all great products & apps are high-tech gadgets & gizmos, but products created to help others when you use them. See these charity apps & products.

The Key Characteristics of an Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurs have certain characteristics and skills to help motivate their employees and get their business ideas noticed.

Environment Friendly Inventions for Earth Day!


From green products to solar energy gadgets, environment friendly inventions are continuing to help our everyday lives.

Out of the Box Marketing Ideas to Help Get Your Invention Noticed


There are many different ways to get your invention idea or business noticed you just might need to use your imagination. Check out these 3 out of the box marketing ideas.

5 Products for Your Spring Cleaning Needs


Spring cleaning can take you a day or sometimes even a month to wash winter away but with these cleaning products you can make your home as good as new.

21st Century Women Inventors and Innovators Taking the Lead


March is National Women's History month, a time to take a look at all of the accomplishments women inventors and innovators have made in the past and present.

4 Tips to Help You Brainstorm Your Next Invention Idea


Brainstorming requires brain power to get your gears turning and focused on your new ideas. Check out these 4 tips to help your brainstorming session be more productive.

Famous African American Inventors and their Inventions


What better way to celebrate Black History Month than to honor the famous inventors that have created & researched some of best products & technology.

5 Marketing Tips to Get Your Product Noticed


Advertising & marketing play a big role in getting something noticed. Check out these 5 marketing tips on how to generate excitement for your invention.

6 Pet Inventions for Your Furry Valentine


Have an enjoyable, slobbery date with these 6 pet inventions. Hopefully your pet enjoys each gift just as much as they enjoy spending time with you!

The Big Game


What is a tailgate party without “gameday” gadgets and gear for the big game? Check out 9 products you might need to get your Super Bowl party started!

How to Bring in 2016 with a Positive Mind


Here are 4 ways to help you dedicate your New Year’s Resolution to keeping a positive mind, attitude and spirit while you and your invention idea grow.

How to Discover the Perfect Name for your Future Invention


A name can affect the perception & reputation of a product. Here are tips on how to decide on the best name for your future inventions or small business.

7 Trending Consumer Products that Dominated Innovation in 2015


Here is a list of 7 trending products & services in 2015 that have brought innovation to a new world & chances are, you most likely purchased one of them!

How to Network at Holiday Parties


A great place for inventors and entrepreneurs to network about their inventions and industry is at holiday parties.

Inventions you Never Knew you Needed on Your Holiday Gift List


With only a few weeks left to get your Christmas shopping done, here are some inventions which you probably never thought to put on your holiday list.

15 Terms Every Inventor Should Know


As an inventor there are a few terms you should learn and processes you might need to make before your product idea is ready to take to the public.

Has Innovation Affected the Holiday Season?


Happy Holidays - already? Check out this list of things which have changed the holiday season to keep up with innovation in 2015.

How to Control Your Bad Habits When Pitching Invention Ideas to Companies


Do you get nervous when the spotlight is one you? Here are tips to help control your bad habits when pitching invention ideas to companies in the industry.

Thanksgiving Day Inventions You’ll be Thankful for in the Kitchen


On Thanksgiving Day appreciate time with the people you love while creating a great meal. Here are 4 kitchen gadgets which might help dinner be a success.

How to Use Social Media to Help Launch Your Product


With the impact of social media on consumers, you should think about ways to utilize social networks in your marketing plan and product launch.

Mind your Manners: 3 Business Etiquette Tips for Inventors


Here are a few business etiquette tips to help inventors formally meet, negotiate and pitch invention ideas to people in their product's industry.

Did Back to the Future Predict Today's Inventions?


Here is a list of inventions which Back to the Future, the movie predicted we would be using today.

Explore the World with these 5 Travel Gadgets


When you are about to take-off for a business trip or vacation, don’t forget to include these travel gadgets & inventions to help make your journey easier.

Valuable Lessons from 4 Historical Inventors


If you need inspiration for your ideas, take a look at these historical inventors for tips and lessons throughout the invention process.

5 World-Changing Inventions


Without inventions & innovations, the world would be missing out on a lot of opportunities to continue to grow. Here's 5 inventions that changed the world.

Weekly Tips to Stay Innovative


Innovation is a creative business skill bringing new ideas and inventions to life. Here are 4 tips on how to be innovative and help your company grow.

Beauty & Health Innovations You Need in Your Life


These five beauty and health innovations are products and gadgets that aim to help you live longer and feel better about yourself.

Great Inventors You Haven’t Heard Of


There are various inventions created each day from great inventors, some you know like Albert Einstein & some you may have never heard their name.

4 New Trends in Product Development


New product development trends continue to rise as technology grows. These new trends can help you get one step closer to the development of your product.

4 New Trends in Product Development


Developing a product can be different for every inventor, depending on their ideas and invention. There are continuously new trends in product development in each industry, due to technology, social media, manufacturing, marketing and more. All of these factors play a role in the development of a new product. Here are four new trends in product development that might fit your invention’s needs.

Innovative Products that Knocked Our Socks Off


Whether you are tech-savvy, fashion forward, or love new gadgets, innovative products are continuously being invented to help the needs of consumers.

Strange Patents Claimed by Everyday Inventions


These four strange patents are proof of innovation, even if they are just tiny adjustments to inventions and processes already in existence.

Get Healthy Outside with Fitness Apps


With the development of new fitness apps & inventions, it makes it possible to track your daily activity and fitness through outside exercises and sports.

Tips for a Winning Business Pitch


When conducting a good business pitch, remember to be yourself and tell a story that will help you connect to the potential investors or competition judges.

4 Ways to Increase Your Brain Power


As inventors you are always trying to improve your ideas. Here are a few things you can do to increase your brain power & get your creative juices flowing.

Strange and Crazy Habits of 5 Famous Inventors and CEOs


Some of us have weird, personal rituals we like to perform daily. Here are strange and not-so-strange characteristics of entrepreneurs, inventors, and CEOs.

6 Myths about Starting a Business


As an entrepreneur you get to take on the role of being the "boss." Here are common myths to watch for and the truths behind them when starting a business.

4 Smartphone Inventions to Make Your Life Easier


Why are smartphones becoming the biggest necessities in life? Apps and smartphone inventions can make your life easier by a push of a button.