Innovation Articles

By Langdon

The Theory of Innovation


What, then, would constitute a “theory of innovation”? What value, then, could a theory of “innovation” offer in this setting where creativity is an essential element? We must begin with some definitions, which will also provide the foundation for our theory.

National Innovation Systems, Blockchains, and Accelerating Change


If governments are leading investors in blockchain applications it may tell you that there is indeed something different happening here. They see need and opportunity, and their uses can consolidate and prove that they hype is not hype.

20 Million Ideas to Greatness


Sooner or later it occurs to the leaders of nearly every organization that their own employees should be a source of ideas that can improve their businesses. They then set about to tap into this valuable source of knowledge. Many of their efforts go astray, however, and result in idea systems that fail and are even counterproductive, in that they demotivate rather than motivate. Why do they go wrong?