Innovation Articles

By Michael Stanleigh

How to Re-Shape Your Culture to be More Innovative


Innovation should not just be an agenda on your meeting notes. Innovative thinking should be a cultivated culture within your workplace that you live and breathe. Re-shape the way you encourage your employees to think. Re-examine the current setting, and find ways to improve upon it. In an in depth article senior innovation manager Michael Stanleigh discusses the importance of creating an innovative workplace environment.

7 Key Trends in Innovation


Part of innovation is being able to look at current trends and predict where they will go in the coming years. Here is a list of anticipated trends in business innovation in the next decade.

Innovation Basics


This article “Innovation Basics” is a great summary on how to get started on your innovative project. Directed towards organizations which can truly benefit from implementing discovery thinking powers but need to harness their ideas and develop an innovative strategy. Michael Stanleigh’s article outlines a simple three-pronged plan to generate a simple innovation driving process that can be implemented in your product or service.

The Impact of Generational Differences on Innovation


When creating an innovative culture, it is important to be aware of the differences caused by generational separation. Through this process, you can be sure that the innovation needs of your team are being properly met. This will help you optimize your leadership efforts and get more effective results.