Innovation Articles

By Ramkumar Yaragarla

What Collaboration Is and Is Not


Collaboration is way of working with others with shared understanding to achieve mutual goals. Sometimes collaboration goes outside of our comfort zone to accomplish goals. It is critical to understand it to be more effective at it.

Diffusion of innovation and social networks


The diffusion of innovation has been very important concept over the decades not just for product marketers but also in the field of new product development, R&D and understanding social networks.

The statement, “If you want to increase the adoption rate or the public response to a new idea or innovation, it is better that individuals move away from weaker and easy to form ties and relationships” intrigued me. I wanted to explore why ? and so this article.

The scientific definition for diffusion is the process by which “molecules intermingle as a result of their kinetic energy and random motion”.

The word ‘diffusion’ is used more in conjunction with “Molecular Diffusion” but here we are talking about diffusion of a different order. It is the “Diffusion of Innovation”. This theory was first popularized by sociologist Everett M Rogers.

The Promise of Collaboration - Using Social Media in Organizations


The question that looks intriguing is how a global multinational company spread over many countries, with tens of thousands of employees, maintains meaningful connections, relationships and harnesses collective intelligence. Though it is steep, companies will implement smart collaborative social media technologies to make sure those connections work, along with defining and promoting a global corporate culture.

Stories and Examples of Mass Collaboration


Whether you are looking to hear and read the story of online collaboration that happened at the Goldcorp Inc. in Canada or the Collaborative distributed computing power that was shared for the SETI@home project, the Search for extraterrestrial intelligence project launched by the University of California, Berkeley, collective intelligence and the “Power of crowds” in online collaboration is here to stay on earth.