Innovation Articles

By Richard Jacob

The Trailblazing New Science of Food Energetics


Dr. Kikuo Chishima, a Japanese professor asserts that the 'energetic' or 'frequency information' of the food we eat is even more important than the nutrients. Food contains molecular compounds of amino acids, complex carbohydrate chains and various chemical elements, each having their own unique frequency or vibration.

It is the vibrations of the nutrients that raise the vibrations of the body's tissue. Pesticide and chemical laden fruits and
vegetables, as well as animal protein contaminated with antibiotics and growth hormones, have 'chaotic vibratory oscillations' that act to derail the high coherence of our nutritional energy needs. Thus, our food has to be in the utmost coherent energy state because that is what is taken into our cells in the form of biophoton energy. 'Energetic coherence' is of high importance.