ideas in brief

October 24, 2013 By Abdulaziz Jughaiman

ideas in brief gave a different theory for some problems and some common misunderstand.

Optimizing water in plant.
Before we thinking about this target we have to use our understanding of the nature which gave us at least two strategic of water management , the first one is the parasite plant technical, if we invert this technical to the plant that we need , without modifying our plant genetic ,and instead of that we modify the other plant to be a donor of water ,in the same way with the desert plant which using its root technical and design to optimize its absorption of water and its leafs technical to optimize its decreasing water volatility .
As well we can use the depth of the root in soil and its relation with volatility level and the soil surface nature.

Price and what ready to order.
it is wrong if we believe always price is depend on supply and demand ,why?
because of: if there is no commodity there is no price ,so the price coming with the commodity
then the supply decreasing drive market to find another commodity ,so the safety of supplying commodity is a factor to protect and rise price
for example crude oil
crude oil with stable supply must protect and increase price ,supply of coca cola give it stable and increasing price ,
put the question is who mess up by this truth?

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