ideas in brief

October 1, 2013 By Abdulaziz Jughaiman

ideas in brief gave a different theory for some problems and some common misunderstand.

Corporations and acquisitions
Offering the shares of any company to go public is tantamount to holding owns whereby subscribed or cash dividends through the market the full right to whatever percentage of ownership in the possession of stock or sell it and sell here must be done through the market in the light fact transparency about the development of the company's financial present and future ,There is no doubt that everyone agrees to do so, that there is a loophole in the laws of financial markets exploited by companies and institutions are usually large acquisition is based on those companies that have returned are a small full shares resulting in the cancellation of the company's shares from the market or trading.
This miss contrary holding owns or shares in the company's shares when asked how forcing subscribed or cash dividends on the waiver of the company's shares given in exchange for shares of another company, even if similar activity, the corporate entity is quite different from its capital, management and even its name and fame and reality.
Confirms this, as often the information you have acquired stock not owned by the owner acquired it, especially the small resulting in ambiguity and deception, so there is no justification for that gap, including the freedom to own the stock and buy it available through the market in addition to the possibility of achieve the prestigious percentage of ownership of the company without the need for acquisitions, either what marketed acquired or merged that it achieves minimize the costs and burdens and increase sales and market share, it can be achieved through intermediary company are created and merge some assets or to get rid of some of the burdens or reduce administration costs consolidation of sales and marketing, for example, which saves on the owners of the two companies, especially young people their full rights and that they are not deceived and injustice.

issue negotiable instruments or mandatory conversion into shares
Investors suffering of individuals or small erosion of their rights in a variety of ways, the most common of the so-called issue negotiable instruments or mandatory conversion into shares so that the owner loses share of the percentage of what is owned in the capital of the company or project when you convert those instruments into shares Increase the capital with the survival of the amount of shares owned by without change, and deducted from the earnings per share and property rights or the rights of shareholders and opportunities for the future growth of earnings per share, which contrasts with the principles of public shareholding or partnership and the value of the money paid to buy the stock or by subscription, for example when buying or underwriting 10% of the shares of the company this company issuing those instruments and converted into shares by 100%, those ten percent becomes 5% and this injustice and prejudice.

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