The 10 Most Common Web Design Mistakes

September 2, 2018 By Kundan Kumar

Due to the advancement of technology, the website and its design get more popular day by day. The reason behind this is that people are well aware of the importance of a website and its usage.

The website refers to the place where we display our products and its related information to educate customers about our services. The ultimate objective of our website or its design is to attract a large number of audience and convince them to avail our services. Thus, to fulfill this objective, we design our website in such a way that it easily convinces the targeted audience.

While designing a website what is our mind thinking about?

While designing a website, our mind is thinking about the following things:

  • Website elements like text, graphics, and more

  • Placement of website elements

  • Targeted audience type and behavior

  • Color theme used in the website

  • The relevance of website objects like textual information included in the website and more

Today, we can easily see the advancement in the website and its design. Several techniques are introduced in the market which enhances as well as improves the website visibility and ranking over the search engine. Another most important invention of today's is the Responsive feature. This will enable the brand audience to access the website using any device as a mobile.

Let’s discuss 10 most common mistakes of website design are as follow:

1). Not effectively utilizing the strength of Responsive feature:

The responsive feature enables users to access the website using any device. Thus, if we are not effectively utilizing this feature then it fails in gaining the attention of mobile users which reduces profitability.

2). Building website using free website builder tool:

Using free website builder tools, we can’t build a striking and highly functional website as per today trend. Thus, the website doesn’t get the support of a large number of audience.

3). Overlooking actual design elements:

This situation occurs when developers and designers are not spending much time on effectively analyzing the business requirements. This can directly harm the brand goodwill over the Web.

4). Not effectively placed website headers, sidebars, and footers:

The most common approach to website design is those website elements should place meaningfully so that website user interface looks more user-friendly.

5). Not effectively gather customer information:

Before developing a website, we should effectively gather customer requirements so that customers can easily engage in the website and prove fruitful for our business. Thus, we need to spend much time in analyzing the mind of the targeted audience.

6). Lacking top-quality content throughout:

If we use low-quality or irrelevant content in our website then website can't impress the targeted audience and fail in gaining their attention. Thus, we keep in mind that we should use quality content to engage the brand audience and also the website should easily searchable in the search engine.

7). Displaying core information anywhere:

This is the most common rule of web development is to display the core information at the place which is in easy reach of the targeted audience. Thus, users can easily find it and engage in our website.

8). Not keeping a website updated:

The website should be updated as per the customer’s requirements and market trend otherwise customers get bored.

9). Consisting of broken and poorly optimized pages:

If customers click on any link in the main or Home page of our website and get the message "Page Not Found". In such a situation, customers don't come back to the website to view it. Another situation is that customers try to open our website but the content is not loaded properly. Thus, in both the situations, customers can't trust our business.

10). Not utilizing analytics:

To effectively building a website, we should use the capability of Google as Google Analytics to provide an exact solution which best fits the customer’s requirements.

Now, if we build our website by keeping these points in our mind then we are able to provide an exact solution to the brand audience. Check
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