Universal Brain

March 15, 2012 By Priya Verma

Future scope of Internet.

Science and technology has changed our life. Radio,Internet and mobile technology has brought a revolution in our life. This has become a way of life. If internet, radio, mobile and other modern technologies are integrated it can create a universal brain.

In the coming years internet will become the brain of the universe. where people want to settle. It will be beneficial not only to the earth but will be useful to the entire universe.

I have visualized the idea of Internet as a universal brain. The days are not far away when the Internet integrated with mobile, radio and other technologies will rule the universe. It will be a visual library. From where one can get the desired information around the universe..

This universal brain will not only be helpful the people on earth but to the people working in space stations and space explorations , on other planets and deep sea explorations, communication, transportation, satellites, disaster management and other valuable services on earth, water and on space.

This virtual world will have all types of the information and can reach in the universe and beyond. This brain will work without the limitation of time, distance, boundaries, language or other limitations. This giant brain will be the future of tomorrow and the key to survival of human race in all odds, conditions, distance and will be the pilot of the human mission to conquer space and beyond.

Satellites technology will be very useful to expand the brain in the universe and beyond and will work as contact and control station to the earth. This brain will read the dangers in the universe and help the humans to prepare for the dangers and help them to formulate an efficient disaster management system and will be helpful in emergent situations.

Internet has become a gigantic digital and virtual library and a worldwide message board, it also acts as a telephone network and one of the most convenient modes of publishing medium. Whether to connect with a friend sitting in a far away place or just getting some information about a movie, Internet is the best way to search and get all those benefits we want in each single day and is becoming a system of universal life and scientist, astronomers, researcher, space researcher, engineers, architects, and all others will depend upon this large network of information anytime any where.

Satellites and robots and radar systems equipped with internet facilities will change the future of the world. Further research on internet and advancement in science and information technology will further widen the horizon of internet in the universe and beyond.

By: Priya,
Student and writer

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