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A blog examining clever strategies, the new best practices—and the smart marketers behind them.
CK's Blog Featuring idea-rich interviews with marketers and bloggers. CK’s marketing blog—ranking in Ad Age’s “Power 150” and The Viral Garden’s “Top 25”— offers a candid and clever analysis of strategy, social media and socially responsible marketing practices.

Christina also contributes to MarketingProfs, an outlet that targets 270,000 marketers and professionals. Her ultimate goal is creating value by applying old principles and new technologies in addressing the ever-evolving challenges faced by business in this New Age.

In ‘99, Christina Kerley founded ckEpiphany, a consultancy grounded on serving clients through an approach combining tried-and-true principles and savvy new best practices before they become trends.

Marketing is a favorite topic for innovative thinkers - possibly because being new and different has made many companies so much money. This personal blog on marketing innovation is one of the less frequently updated, but more informative blogs on the web.

Topics for posts are also more keenly focused on business than some of the other more personal blogs. However, site design lets some good information down, and a lack of easily searchable categories and tags means that information is often locked away. To get full benefit from CK's blog, subscribe to the feed and skim new information as it arises.

As a marketer, CK certainly understands the value of listening to her clients, and puts this to work in her blog as much as in her work life. If you are looking for an interactive blog - one used more as a forum than a soapbox - CK's blog is ideal.

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