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I like to to think of this site as food for your biggest muscle. It’s jam packed with wholesome goodness – global businesses, products, ad campaigns & blogs that caught my eye, alongside a bunch of nerd stuff to geek out on. It’s inspiration for innovation.
Innovation Feeder It makes sense that to be truly innovative, we have to force ourselves to look at the world differently. New perspectives and new interpretations are the enemy of beige . . and let’s face it, a good idea is a good idea irrespective of where it’s from or what it’s for.

So the best way to keep a truly open mind is to look for great ideas anywhere you can find them and stuff your brain like a hungry dog. Confuscious say; creative input needs no reason, it just needs regularity. So if you’re like me and just get stuck in a rut every now and again, hopefully some of the ideas here will shift your thinking sideways a little… or maybe a lot. But enough of that; put on your pinstripe, fire up your Blackberry and come get what you came here for.

A little brainfood to put some buzz in your uptop muscle. Enjoy.

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