Innovator Maker

I love to read and get inspiration from well written, thought-provoking authors that challenge the "accepted way of doing things". I frequent, the Economist, NY Times, and tons of business/non-fiction books. Discovering new innovation with a healthy dose of curiosity helps spark my own creative processes to "Beat the Status Quo" and not rest on my laurels.
Innovator Maker To track my reading, I created a queue or list for articles and books but it really became more of just another list, I had to maintain. Seeking recommendations also became more work, than fun. I usually share articles with friends and co-workers and talk about a recent book I am into - asking for recommendations, often without much reciprocity. It's hard to find like-minded readers and thinkers!

So to fulfill other curious and innovative people's needs, I created this space to be a centralized source and meeting ground for new and interesting articles/books/media written by thought-leaders that focuses on innovation and creativity.

By sourcing awesome innovation inspiring content into one place, my hope is that this blog brings common-minded people together to seek inspiration for "their next big thing". By sharing these inspirations, I hope to help ignite others to pursue their own passions - because that's how we should be living.

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